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Linux Journal Issue #33/January 1997


Let Linux Speak  by David Sugar
How an ad for a speech synthesizer led to the the development of a speech server under Linux.
Booting Linux from EPROM  by Dave Bennett
A quick look at making Linux bootable from EPROM on a 486single board computer.
Using Linux with Programmable Logic Controllers  by J.P.G. Quintana
Combining programmable logic controllers with linux can be acost-effective and robust method for providing specializedcontrol systems.

News & Articles

Disk Maintenance under Linux (Disk Recovery)  by David A Bandel
Satellite Tracking with Linux  by Kenneth E Harker
Free SCO OpenServer Has Its Place  by Evan Leibovitch
Caldera's Bryan Sparks  by Phil Hughes


Product Review   Netactive SynergieServer Pro  by Jonathan Gross


Java and Client-Server  by Joe Novosel
At the Forge   CGI Programming  by Reuven Lerner


Take Command   unzip  by Greg Roelofs
New Products  
Linux Gazette   Two Cent Tips  by Marjorie Richardson

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